Privacy Statement

  1. Privacy Policy
    1. This privacy policy sets out how Chambers Russell Pty Ltd ACN 161 920 976 (“our”, “us”, “we”) collects and handles personal information in the course of our business, in the provision of professional legal services and through our website (“Privacy Policy”).
    2. We are obliged to comply with a multitude of professional, statutory and common law obligations regarding the ways that we deal with information that comes into our possession or is considered by us. Those obligations include those relating to the confidential information and legal-professional privilege maintained by our clients and the obligations that regulate us under the Privacy Act 1988 (“Act”).
    3. We are not obliged to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles set out in Act. However, we endeavour to ensure that our collection and handling of personal information follows the principles set out therein.
  2. Kinds of personal information that we collect and hold
    1. We frequently collect personal information from and/or about our clients, suppliers and third-parties in our dealings with them and in the course of our business. The kinds of information that we collect may include, without limitation:

      (a) identification information, such as names, gender and dates of birth;

      (b) contact information, such as address, telephone and email details;

      (c) verification information, such as drivers’ licence or passport details;

      (d) financial details or commercially sensitive information, such as bank account, tax file numbers, shareholdings, property ownership, insurance and superannuation details; and

      (e) historical and contemporaneous information relating to legal cases, judgments and criminal convictions.
    2. Through our website we may collect internet, log and access data and information, including IP addresses and details about when and how the website was accessed. Whilst our website does not require the submission of a user’s identify or other details, we may collect and handle personal information that is voluntarily disclosed, such as details entered in order to subscribe to publications or updates that we may respectively publish or send from time to time.
    3. We may collect and handle other kinds of personal information not specifically identified above that might reasonably be expected to be collected or handled by another comparable business to us that offers, markets and provides legal professional services of a similar nature, including any personal information that is publically available or made available through a social-media platform.
    4. In circumstances where personal information is collected by us through a person (a “third-party”) other than the person in respect to whom the personal information relates then we rely on the third-party to have complied with any obligations they have, including under the Act, in relation to the provision of that personal information to us.
  3. Manner of collection and holding of personal information
    1. We collect, handle, hold and store personal information in hard and electronic copy. We utilise standards of security and technology that we consider reasonable to protect unintentional disclosure and the integrity of the information that we collect and handle.
  4. Purpose of use of personal information
    1. We may collect, hold, use and/or disclose personal information

      (a) in the course of offering, marketing or providing professional legal services to our clients;

      (b) for the purpose of sending and/or distributing marketing, promotional, educative or other material we consider of relevance to our clients, suppliers and/or third-parties; and

      (c) in order to comply with any legal, professional or other obligations, including an order of a court.
  5. Accessing and seeking correction of personal information held by us
    1. We will provide persons with access to their personal information that we hold for their review and correction. Such access requests should be made by email at
  6. Complaints about this policy
    1. Any complaints about our collection or handling of personal information, our compliance with an applicable law or any other matter howsoever related to this Privacy Policy may be made by contacting us at or on +61 2 8248 2800.
  7. Disclosure of personal information to overseas recipients
    1. From time to time, we may use external professional, advertising and/or marketing services that may be based or host their services overseas. We do not have control over where persons that we communicate with host their email servers or internet services.
    2. We do not warrant that personal information will not be disclosed to overseas recipients in any circumstances, although in the usual course it is not likely that such disclosures will be intentionally made.
  8. Variations
    1. This Privacy Policy may, and likely will be, varied from time to time. Such variations to this Privacy Policy may, and likely will, occur without any prior or subsequent notice being provided to any person. As a result, we encourage persons that deal with our firm to review this Privacy Policy regularly.
    2. The last change to this Privacy Policy was made on 6 February 2015.
  9. Further information
    1. Please contact or +61 2 8248 2800 if any further information about our use of personal information or this Privacy Policy is required.